Thursday, January 30, 2014

6 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working on Your Progress

If you have been working hard on your way to success and you are feeling frustrated by the slow progress and apparent lack of success, then rest assured, you are not alone.

The discouraging statistic that 95% of people, who try to work through a personal development plan, fails, are not helping either.  It is almost as if you are set up for failure! 

But, there is hope for someone new to personal development plans who find the going tough and there are some ways to help you Motivation and Inspiration while working towards your success and be in the 5% who will achieve success in the end.

What can you do to stay motivated?  Here are six ways:

Find your motivation:  There is ALWAYS a reason for you wanting to break away from another job or career, or change any large parts of your daily existence.  Change is scary.  People have different reasons and you need to find yours.  Ask yourself "WHY am I doing this?"  Then write that reason down in big, bold, red letters, paste it against the wall above your desk or computer, surround it by visual pictures which represent that reason, so you can see it every day.  This will help you stay motivated when you are losing hope, and subconsciously program your mind for success.

Focus:  It is very easy to become "scatterbrained" when trying to deal with all the aspects of following a personal development plan or actions towards goals.  There is such a great variety of offers and products and niches that it is really easy to lose track of what you are trying to do.  It can be a little like building a jigsaw puzzle and I recommend that you try and get one piece learnt, implemented and in place, and then move on.  Choose one thing and focus on it, rather than scattering your time and energy on different places at a time.

Measure your success:  If you have been at it for a while, and have not seen any real success, don't be discouraged too much.  Success is not always measured in money, that is true both for many things in life.  Ask yourself:  "What have I learnt; what have I accomplished as far?"  Those things are the building blocks and just as important as the end result.

Connect with others:  If you identify and connect with others in the same position or on the same path, you will have access to a range of experience, people at different levels of success and who will be able to give you pointers, tell you their success stories and help you get over some obstacles.  Sign up to a forum in your field of interest and participate regularly.

Make it a hobby!  When I started out in my personal development planning, I made it a hobby - that way I did not expect much from it other than enjoying what I was doing.  Well, guess what happens when you are doing something that you enjoy...SUCCESS.

Time lag:  The only thing standing between you and success, in the end, is time.  Time lets you learn the skills you do not have yet; ...and time lets you figure out ways of doing things better for more success.  Give it lots of time!

Following a personal development plan can be tough, but the benefits are great.  I am now convinced that your success will, most of the time, not depend on your technical skills, but your motivation and focus to keep it going when the going gets tough.
Use the above motivational ways to keep your motivation up and do not forget to reward yourself for your success.

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