Sunday, February 23, 2014

Where To Find Motivation

We cannot motivate others and we cannot be motivated by others. Motivation comes from within us. However, we can be inspired by someone else, their life or their journey, and we can use this inspiration as self motivation.
But how do we find motivation within ourselves when a goal or tasks seem too big to achieve or we just lack the energy and focus?

We can start by hanging around people who inspire us.

We can read their stories, their struggles and the solutions they came up with to overcome the obstacles in their way.
We can find strength in knowing that we do not have to struggle alone every day, that there are others out there like us. And their struggle does not have to be similar to ours, but it can take similar effort and resources to find the solutions – something which can inspire us to be more, do more and even achieve more.
It can inspire us to not give up on our goals and plans, or to come up with resourceful ways to overcome our obstacles. Make use of the inspiring lives of others to connect with your own goals and plans, to help you find motivation in parallels with the journeys of those who have already gone before and succeeded.

Remember, you have a choice about who you hang out with. It might just be true that those you choose to spend your time with will inspire you and drive your inner motivation, or it might be that they will drag you down to further depths of despair and darkness.

Change the environment and friends you have and see how much self motivation is stirred deep within you.

For more powerful motivational and inspirational resources go here.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't EVER Give Up

Everyone who is in a journey of personal development will know that the road to success is never easy.  Sadly, most people give up to easily and too early.

The best advice I had in my life is to never give up - success comes to those who persist.

The other advice I had was that self growth and motivation goes hand in hand.  Like food and drink, you cannot live on one alone - you need the other to survive as well.

To make your journey towards achieving a goal, a success, you have to be involved in both personal development and use motivation to keep you going.

Here is a motivational video which I have watched over and over to keep me motivated to