Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feed Your Motivation To Achieve Success

Finding, and then using your intrinsic motivation to achieve success, is possible the most powerful, yet understated success skill today.

Your own intrinsic motivation acts like rocket fuel – a silent, but unstoppable force that can drive you forward.  Therefore, it is such a waste that the majority of people do not know what motivates them, let alone how to use this invisible force to their benefit every single day of your life.

Think of it – your intrinsic motivation is already there within you – it does not have to be purchased, learned, acquired, borrowed, trained or gifted, it is there in it’s full potential, ready to be utilized.

So, do you know what motivates you yet?

If so, do you know how to use it to your benefit?

History reveals extremely successfulpeople who have learned how to use their intrinsic motivation for their success.

For example, one of the greatest writers of all time Mark Twain (real name Mathew Brady), was really inspired by discovery, adventure and imagination.  Therefore he seemed to “job hop” from one place to the other when he was younger.  Coupled with his exceptional observational and writing skills, he became a famous writer, but his real motivation was discovery and learning new things about the interesting world and interesting people around him.  Ever read his books?  If you had, you will notice that his writing intensifies when he described people or places in detail – he thoroughly enjoyed it.  Learning and discovering every last detail of a new adventure, person or place was his “fuel”.
Therefore, his writing would have seemed dull and worthless if he did not couple it with his motivation – discovery and learning.
Mark Twain did not become a great writer because he was a great writer, he became one of the greatest of all writers because he used his motivation in sync with his natural talent and that guaranteed his success.

Another writer, Andrew Carnegie, is a well known steel tycoon and philanthropist who said, “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”
He was motivated by philanthropy and building large corporations and his successes saw him amassing great wealth.
Andrew Carnegie was not motivated by money – he was motivated by building business empires – the money was a result of him using his motivation to establish corporations and wealth.

What is your motivation and your greatest natural talent or strength?  And how can you put the two together to achieve success.

Remember – it is already there, within you, just utilize it.

Let your light shine.

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