Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How To Climb A Mountain

It is not just people who have physically climbed a mountain who know what it takes to take on and conquer a big goal. They know that somewhere along the road between the decisions to take on this big thing and reaching the summit, there is a place where an obsession develops.

That obsession has something to do with pain or pleasure. It has something to do with the fact that the pain and pleasure is bigger than the fear of failure.

Let me explain:  If you interview many people who take on big things, there is usually something bigger behind their motive.  A pain so big that they want to conquer it with a symbolic conquering of a big goal, like climbing a mountain, or a glory so sweet that the agony of reaching for the goal or summit that mountain, makes it all worthwhile.

And that is where the secret lies of how to climb a mountain. Finding and using the pain or pleasure as motivator.
If we could all find the motivator in our goals, we would reach them all.  But, unfortunately, we don’t. 

We go after goals which are someone else’s idea:  We try and lose unnecessary weight because the world tells us that we need to be thin and slender to be acceptable; we work at jobs which decimate our families and lives because we think that being able to afford and show off the "bling" is a sign of success.  We fail at those things and then wonder why.  Then we go and see a shrink and take pills to make it all better.  

The core problem is that we chase goals for the wrong reason – they belong to someone else’s idea of happiness.

If you chase a goal – make sure that the motivator belongs to you and you only, for the right reasons.  And then use that motivator to achieve anything you with.


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